Book Reviews “Map and the Territory” and “Little Red Chairs”

The Map and the Territory by Michel Houellebecq If you, like myself, are intrigued by the genius, politics and drama in the world of art you won’t want to miss this novel. Set in contemporary French society the novel first appears as a coming of age story of the young artist Jed Martin until Houllebecq […]

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“Imagine Me Gone”-a can’t put down read

Mental Illness and Family

  “Imagine Me Gone” by Adam Haslett is a novel about love, loss and the power mental illness has over every aspect of family life. It is poignant, terrifying and sometimes strangely funny. Within moments of closing this book I was in tears remembering life with my brother, a man who couldn’t think straight. At an […]

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Yiddish and The Art of the Schpiel


After sixty-odd years of an adventurous life those who have spent time with me are quick to liken my communication style to a linguistic minefield: In fact my language has been influenced by the Yiddish language, and its art of the schpiel, which welcomed me into this world. As a child Yiddish, in all its […]

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“Who Runs Congress”- an Awakening to Activism

Who Runs Congress

   The Wonder of Discovery It was 1973 when I applied to Northeastern University as part of a pilot program for women returning to school. At home were three kids, the youngest in kindergarden. When the thin white envelope holding my acceptance arrived in my mailbox I cried. I was amazed they accepted me as I […]

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Sex After Menopause..Who Knew?

Sex After Menopause Sex after menopause is often a case of the spirit and heart are willing but the body, not so much. If it isn’t one thing it’s another, be it vaginal dryness, arthritis, sciatica and more. When I found certain physical discomforts prevented me from fully enjoying what had been one of my […]

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