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“Who Runs Congress”- an Awakening to Activism

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Who Runs Congress

              An Awakening to Activism


 The Wonder of Discovery

It was 1973 when I applied to Northeastern University as part of a pilot program for women returning to school. At home were three kids, the youngest in kindergarden.

When the thin white envelope holding my acceptance arrived in my mailbox I cried. I was amazed they accepted me as I had left school six years before, and relieved I could escape the world of a suburban housewife which bored me to distraction. Now my curious nature had the freedom to explore the world.

Although I had previously been a Journalism major, this time around I opted to major in Political Science. My first class required reading “Who Runs Congress” by Mark Green. It was an eye opener introducing me to the issues of PAC’s, PAC MEN, Power, Perks, Congress vs. the President, the Crimes of Lawmakers, and finally the Resistance:” It doesn’t have to go on like this. Here’s what you can do to create change.”

This book became the basis for my becoming an activist. However, over the years my activism has been replaced by dismay with Washington politics. These last eight years have seen the toxic flowering of a Congress largely influenced by private wealth but whose seeds have been germinating a long time, a Congress increasingly paralyzed by its own self-interests, and thus, not governing for its constituents.

Mark Green warns “He who has the gold, rules”. This rule now appears to be on steroids.

The Case for Activism

Somewhere it is written those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it. As I reread this book I confess I am  among the guilty who has stood by while the “gold” infiltrated our governing body. Thus, in reparation, I offer this book as a means to  better understand the “gold” that endangers the democracy we hold so dear, and perhaps begin a conversation to reclaim Congress, our country and our lives.

Let’s talk.

Who Runs Congress is available, used, through Amazon and other used book outlets .