Sex After Menopause..Who Knew?

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Sex After Menopause

Who Knew?

Who Knew?

Sex after menopause is often a case of the spirit and heart are willing but the body, not so much. If it isn’t one thing it’s another, be it vaginal dryness, arthritis, sciatica and more. When I found certain physical discomforts prevented me from fully enjoying what had been one of my favorite pastimes, I thought, what’s a girl to do?


Yes, yes I know, there is now a little pink pill promising women similar assistance as the men’s little blue pill. However, as many of us do not have a libido problem, the risks outlined by the FDA question whether this pill is a safe for long term use. Thus I decided it was time to investigate other options. After exhaustive research, no I ‘m kidding, but it did take me some research and trial and error time to be able to say, ladies there is help on the way!

To begin there are infinite varieties of chemical and electro-mechanical options available for all tastes and appetites plus a number of sexual positions promising to help lessen physical discomfort during sex. All this led me to believe an educated woman can design her own blueprint for success in the bedroom!

Lubricants ~ While there are many sexual lubricants on the market, most do not live up to their promise for the post menopausal woman. When I visited my savvy GYN she suggested I try Liquid Silk** which offers the “luxury of a non-tacky water-based lubricant or Luvena** “a probiotic, silky smooth, never  sticky, gliding solution for sensual pleasure”.  Yes, they are more expensive but, in my experience, far superior for getting the job done.

Electro Mechanical Support~ If you don’t already use a hand held device ( I don’t mean a television remote) invest in an EMS, a vibrator. They are available in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures at your local sex/adult store or on or other such online services.  Whether in your hands or your partner’s, use it for getting to, or close to, orgasm before coitus. That’s the trick, ladies, getting to or near to orgasm before coitus. This loosens our vaginal grip, and when coupled with one of the lovely aforementioned lubricants, offers that sought after magical moment, in ways the tried and true foreplay of yesterday perhaps no longer provides.

Position is Everything~ In Preventions Magazine* February 16th edition, an article,“ More Ooh, and Less Ouch”* promises to turn the “moans of discomfort back into moans of pleasure” achieved using the positions seen below. Along with steps one and two, I tried two of the positions and that’s when I decided to write this post!


**Trademarked names and the Feb 2016 Prevention magazine article: Health-Bedroom Hacks 

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